Value Balance: A System for the  Future

Solar” Values – First Order

We combine solar values as first-order values. They have extreme significance. These values have a rather eternal nature and less of a changing understanding of values.








“Planetary” Values – Second Order

We combine planetary values as second-order values. They are far from terrestrial values and are in constant change and movement.

Altruism + Common good

Joy + Attentiveness

Recognition + Development

Creativity + Enthusiasm

Motivation + Charisma

Fairness + Responsibility

Authenticity + Integrity

“Earthly” Values – Third Order

Let’s measure the pulse of business practice. We make use here of an additional image: proximity to Earth. “Terrestrial” values pertain mainly to competence and implementation levels. The values listed are meant as guidance. Enterprises can set individual focal points accordingly.

Satisfaction of Employees + Customers + Vendors

Future viability + Potential

Profitability + Purpose/Intent

Corporate culture + Cooperation

Desirability + Identification

Efficiency + Effectiveness

Management + Employees — Skill development

Sustainability + Resilience

Welfare and prevention

Basic income benefits + Income

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Wertebilanz – mit einfachen Worten

Wertebilanz - mit einfachen Worten

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