A new value system for balancing Values from ecology, sustainability, culture, and social issues as an integral part of your corporate balance sheets

Value Balance as driving force behind your corporate success and your future viability

Balancing Values and Effects
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Value Balance: A System for the  Future

Solar” Values – First Order

We combine solar values as first-order values. They have extreme significance. These values have a rather eternal nature and less of a changing understanding of values.








“Planetary” Values – Second Order

We combine planetary values as second-order values. They are far from terrestrial values and are in constant change and movement.

Altruism + Common good

Joy + Attentiveness

Recognition + Development

Creativity + Enthusiasm

Motivation + Charisma

Fairness + Responsibility

Authenticity + Integrity

“Earthly” Values – Third Order

Let’s measure the pulse of business practice. We make use here of an additional image: proximity to Earth. “Terrestrial” values pertain mainly to competence and implementation levels. The values listed are meant as guidance. Enterprises can set individual focal points accordingly.

Satisfaction of Employees + Customers + Vendors

Future viability + Potential

Profitability + Purpose/Intent

Corporate culture + Cooperation

Desirability + Identification

Efficiency + Effectiveness

Management + Employees — Skill development

Sustainability + Resilience

Welfare and prevention

Basic income benefits + Income

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