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Value Balance


As an entrepreneur, you are looking for tailor-made solutions to complex problems that are becoming more pressing every day.

Would you like to set off with me on the path to breaking new ground with a system and method?

I will accompany you in creating your first value balance – balance values sustainably.

Bringing the inner connection of the values with the accounting of your company into a direct factual connection is new.

After extensive research and knowledge work, new ideas and methods for a different form of accounting kept appearing.

This culminated in a book on the Balance of Values. Read

Book about value balance in German. Read

We live in a time in which the decisions we make, or not make, today cannot be reverted by our children and grandchildren. Our future viability is at stake, which we can only strengthen if our living and economy are sustainable.

Podcast about value balance


Are you interested in how values are created in your company?

And above all, how values grow?

Are you wondering how you can stay “master” of all tasks and challenges in the company?


How do you capture the cultural, human, social and sustainable-ecological values and processes?

How do you account for this sustainably in your company?

And how do you keep an eye on the goals you have in mind?

How do goals become motivators?


With the introduction of value balance I support you to develop a new sensorium for it. Balance values sustainably.

Steps for implementing Value Balance

Diagnose Wertebilanz



Defining values and indicators

Identifying target groups/stakeholders in the enterprise context

Choice of method

Analysis preparation

Presenting the diagnosis

Blueprint Wertebilanz

Value Balance Blueprint


Selection of factors and criteria to create Value Balance

Composition of an appropriate chart of accounts

Selecting employees for the process

Defining objectives for effect accounting

Defining a start date and a deadline

Premiere Wertebilanz

Value Balance premiere


After the first deadline, supervision for generating a P&L statement and Value Balance

Assessment and presentation to




the public

Reviews Wertebilanz



Cyclical reviews

Tactical expansion of the Value Balance

Effect accounting optimization

talk offer

Are you interested in how the value balance increases your company’s success?

I take my time for your questions.