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Humanity seeks all-encompassing solutions for issues that become more and more pressing every day. New and well-thought-out systems and methods must be followed. By generating a Value Balance, enterprises take a big step in the right direction.

The idea of casting doubt over the way we do the accounting in our enterprises surfaced a few years ago. An effective correlation between accounting in enterprises and value interdependence is unprecedented. Work of cognition was necessary. New ideas are increasingly suggesting a new form of account balancing: Value Balance

We live in a time in which the decisions we make, or not make, today cannot be reverted by our children and grandchildren. Our future viability is at stake, which we can only strengthen if our living and economy are sustainable.

As an entrepreneur, you afford particular significance to sustainability and future viability in your enterprise

As an agile entrepreneur, you therefore confront the complex demands of our times

By implementing novel balancing methods, you decide to shape your own enterprise and, as a result, the economy

Steps for implementing Value Balance

Diagnose Wertebilanz1



Defining values and indicators

Identifying target groups/stakeholders in the enterprise context

Choice of method

Analysis preparation

Presenting the diagnosis

Blueprint Wertebilanz2

Value Balance Blueprint


Selection of factors and criteria to create Value Balance

Composition of an appropriate chart of accounts

Selecting employees for the process

Defining objectives for effect accounting

Defining a start date and a deadline

Premiere Wertebilanz3

Value Balance premiere


After the first deadline, supervision for generating a P&L statement and Value Balance

Assessment and presentation to




the public

Reviews Wertebilanz4



Cyclical reviews

Tactical expansion of the Value Balance

Effect accounting optimization

Schedule a free preliminary consultation

Including an assessment of potentials

Would you like to find out how Value Balance can boost your corporate success? Let us schedule a free, non-binding, preliminary consultation. I take all the time necessary to answer your questions. I’ll be glad to show you also how Value Balance contributes to the discovery of more corporate values.

Wertebilanz – mit einfachen Worten

Wertebilanz - mit einfachen Worten

Werte nachhaltig bilanzieren

- für eine zukunftsfähige Ökonomie


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